Levitt Pavilion Denver's $4,000,000 Capital Campaign is almost complete! We've raised an incredible $3,980,000 from our generous donors and sponsors, and we are only $20,000 away from our goal. Please help us make Levitt Pavilion Denver a reality by donating to our GoFundMe campaign!

About Levitt Pavilion Denver

When open in July 2017, Levitt Pavilion Denver will be Denver’s next great outdoor amphitheater, producing 50 free concerts each summer in Ruby Hill Park, just minutes from Downtown Denver. Levitt Pavilion Denver is a public/private partnership between the City and County of Denver & Levitt Pavilion Denver, and will be operated by Friends of Levitt Pavilion Denver, a local non-profit with a mission to build community through music by creating an outdoor living room in one of Denver’s most beautiful and underutilized parks.


A Gift to our Community

Levitt Pavilion Denver will be the first 100% free cultural venue in Denver. This invaluable asset to concertgoers and musicians alike, Levitt Pavilion Denver will provide increased access to the arts. With the average cost of U.S. concert tickets skyrocketing to $69.52 in 2013* (according to Pollstar), the amphitheater will donate the equivalent of $26,070,000 of free music each year! The amphitheater will also act as a launching pad for local artists, exposing them to audience sizes eclipsing those of local bars and indoor venues. Emerging Colorado based musicians will be paid above current local scale and half of the concerts will be dedicated to those Colorado-based acts, with the rest featuring emerging national and international groups.

A Proven Model

Levitt Pavilion Denver will be the seventh Levitt Pavilion in the U.S. Other locations include Westport, CT, Bethlehem, PA, Memphis, TN, Arlington, TX, Pasadena, CA and Los Angeles, CA. When not used for the 50 free concerts, the facility will be permitted to outside promoters, non-profits, and corporations. Admission-based events will also be allowed, and the City of Denver will own and maintain the building. Friends of Levitt Pavilions Denver will operate the facility and program the annual concert series.

How it's Funded

Denver was selected by the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation, a private family foundation based in Los Angeles, as the seventh city to join the national Levitt network of outdoor music venues. Influencing factors included the City of Denver’s bold vision for revitalizing Ruby Hill Park, an expansive yet underused public park located in the southwest area of the city, just minutes from downtown. The park’s accessible location to a range of diverse socioeconomic groups aligns with Levitt’s mission to bring people together of all ages and background through the power of free, live music. In addition, the City had previously developed a Master Plan for Ruby Hill Park that called for the creation of an outdoor music venue, reflecting its long-term planning efforts to integrate arts and culture into its green spaces.

The Levitt project gained the support of community leaders and local residents, spurred by the Levitt Foundation’s commitment to provide $400K in seed funding for the capital campaign as well as ongoing annual operating support and resources for Friends of Levitt Pavilion Denver, the nonprofit charged with managing and programming the 50 free concerts every year. Recognizing the project’s potential to create positive social and economic impact in this area of Denver, the City committed $2 million from the Better Denver Bond Program for the construction of Levitt Pavilion Denver, an investment that will make high quality live music accessible to tens of thousands of Denverites each summer.