My First Show

Levitt Pavilion Denver's, My First Show video series features prominent figures from Denver's music scene talking about their first concert experience. In this series we learn about what seeing live music for the first time so special and how it got them to pursue their current path in music. Featuring over 50 Free Concerts every year, in a family friendly environment, Levitt Pavilion Denver is an ideal environment for anyone's first show. We hope to see you on the lawn this summer!

Levitt Pavilion Denver's My First Show video series features; Megan Fong, Julia Meniolea, Ben Roy, Andy Thomas, Stephanie Ault, Anthony Ruptak, YaSi, Justin Hackl, Diego Flores, Luke Mehrens, Kim O'Hara, Sarah Angela, Brenda Avina, Luiggy Ramirez, Miguel Avina, Mawule, Kayla Marque, Jon Shockness, Tyler Breuer, and Virgil Dickerson.